Aleatory Performance Friday June 24th at the Goat Farm!

We are looking forward to being the first laboratory animals in this experimental performance event. The term ‘Aleatory’ can refer to creations that are planned in general but left up to chance in detail. The folks at Bang Arts ( are starting a once a month series at the Rodriguez room at the Goat Farm. The gist is simple; take two or more different arts groups of different mediums that are new to each other, place them in the same room at the same time and then see what happens!

We are excited to be the kick off to this series! The doors will open Friday at 9pm June 24th general admission 10$. Crossover Movement Arts will be performing with local Atlanta quirky pop superstars ‘Little Tybee’ delicious treats will be available presented with theatrical style by the ‘Sugar Dolls’.

On our part this performance experiment will mix some choreography and some improvisation. The new sounds we will hear will affect and change what we do and make it unique to these moments, as will your presence!

For more information please check out ‘the goat farm’ on Facebook or read this article on Creative Loafing.

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