‘When We Were 7′ Crossover Performs tonight and tomorrow at Skwhirlhaus

When We Were Seven
Friday & Saturday, August 22-23, 8:00 p.m.

Gate Opens at 7:00 at 7:30 Lemonade stands open and Music starts!


When We Were Seven uses movement and text to look at a unique and pivotal point in our lives. This age when we started to step a little further outside of the watchful gaze of parents. Our homes, basements, and backyards… These first unsupervised explorations of the world around us, not just the physical space, but the imaginative space. It was here that we faced the mysterious and the new by ourselves or with our friends. It was this time when we started to make our ideals about right and wrong. We found the context for our individuality with people who were not yet as close to us as family. Here is where we began to create our own stories about how and why the world around us worked. There is a certain kind of wonder… a distinct magical flavor… to our imagination at this age that shaped us forever. We might not always remember exactly why we started down a certain road or how we started to become who we are, but it lives here… somewhere beneath the skin lies the memory of when we were seven.


Skwhirlhaus is located at 327 Sisson Ave NE, Atlanta, GA. The stage is outdoors, on the back lawn. Blankets or low beach chairs are recommended. Picnics are encouraged. For more information, visit Skwhirlhaus.

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