So you are a new Freestyle Poler but are not able to come to class in Decatur

Hey there new Freestyle Polers!
Here are some thoughts for to you :

If you have the advantage of a studio or gym to practice in Great! Sometimes nubs will leave black marks but I have found that they are easily wiped off.
Outdoors is a great place to practice too just make sure you have good shoes. Be wary on wet or slick surfaces avoid loose gravelly areas etc. A park, or a backyard is great, grassy areas, packed dirt areas are good too. Avoid areas with recent pesticide application! I practice on concrete and asphalt surfaces as well, just be aware that these kind of surfaces can wear your nubs a little faster.

Warming up is important! If you can remember the exercises we did great! In general I start with warming up the muscles around the spine and in the torso. Important also are shoulders, arm and hands. The spinning patterns if you can remember them are really helpful in activating the muscles before vaulting.
Make sure you place attention to warming up feet, ankles knees and hips for landing.

When performing vaults you much of the effort comes in sustaining the air time using your arms and core muscles and using these same muscles to help slow down your landings. This way even when you get high up or at an odd angles you can use more than your legs to land safely.

Try to remember vaults that were covered in the last class you took- and play a little! Just remember you want to land safely out of whatever you vault you get into. I recommend sticking with the one hand on the high nub second hand on the pole palm out fingers down grip. This is the most stable grip for the largest variety of vaults. Try inventing ways to incorporate the spinning patterns and the vaults. Maybe try leans on the pole, and creating a dance with it that includes more than just vaults and spinning patterns.

I will post more information later, in the meantime Happy Poling!
ps feel free to email me with questions or thoughts and check out the Crossover Movement Arts facebook page for more pics, videos and other info.

best wishes


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